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It’s the last week for #GirlGetOutside and today’s theme is rock climbing! It’s not too late to share your photos for a chance to win some pretty cool prizes! Just use the hashtag #GirlGetOutside and tag @laceycalvert and @marissaroseinspired to enter!  (at Planet Granite San Francisco)
#GirlGetOutside today and go camping! Put the down the phone, sleep under the stars, and wake up in nature and gratitude ☀️🙌 ⭐️ (at Rogue River, Oregon)
#GirlGetOutside! Grab a bicycle and a friend and get to riding! Tag your photos with the hashtag #GirlGetOutside, @laceycalvert and @marissaroseinspired for a chance to win prizes at the end of the month!
Girls! Did you get outside today?! Doesn’t matter how, what, or why—just get out there! Share your photos and tag #GirlGetOutside, @laceycalvert, and @marissaroseinspired for a chance to win some pretty neat prizes! Now go!  (at Mt Tamalpias State Park)
#GirlGetOutside, you will move mountains! Keep tagging your photos along with @laceycalvert & @marissaroseinspired to win some sweeeet prizes!  (at Mt. Hood)
Today’s #GirlGetOutside challenge is ‘climb a tree’! I think I’ll go climb this mountain😍 Don’t forget there are ✌️weeks left of our challenge! Tag @laceycalvert and @marissaroseinspired for a chance to win amazing prizes including goodies from @bloominglotusjewelry! See you at the top!  (at The Grand Tetons)
#GirlGetOutside it’s time to take a deep breath, be grateful, take it all in & #meditate. 🙏 (at Signal Mountain Lodge)
10,952 days ago I met this wonderful world and each of those days has been a blessing. Today will be no exception! Thank you all for the birthday wishes today, love and happiness everyday! I’ve accomplished so much & can’t wait to see what else I can accomplish before hitting the 30 year mark 😎 #GirlGetOutside it’s your birthday!
#GirlGetOutside! Two more weeks of our challenge to go! It was 15 degrees when I woke this morning! From snow time to boat time…& last night I was sworn in as a Junior Park Ranger! #ALEx14 (at Colter Bay Marina)
Today’s #GirlGetOutside theme is run, but I decided to grab a friend and go for a trot! 🐎🌲Whatever you choose, show us how you’re getting outside today! (at Grand Teton National Park)
This was the scene yesterday flying into Idaho! Woke up to ❄️snow❄️this morning in the Tetons! Don’t forget it’s day 4 of the #GirlGetOutside challenge! Post and tag! (at Grand Teton National Park)
Day THREE! Today I’m flying to Grand Teton National Park to elevate my #GirlGetOutside experience! Show us your favorite view from the greatest place you’ve hiked and tag @laceycalvert & @marissaroseinspired for a chance to win some pretty sweet prizes!
DAY ✌️of #GirlGetOutside! Today’s theme is yoga! I however, have chosen to sit here on the beach and take in the fresh air, sun, sand, and clear my mind. Doesn’t matter what, how, or why, just get outside! Make sure to tag #GirlGetOutside, @laceycalvert & @marissaroseinspired to win awesome prizes including beautiful yoga inspired jewelry by @bloominglotusjewelry!  (at Hug Point)
TOMORROW! #GirlGetOutside is back! During our three-week challenge beginning on Sept. 8th, we will encourage women to get outside and active EVERYDAY!  I’ll post a photo on how I am getting outside every day, and hope you will do the same too! Make sure to tag @laceycalvert @marissaroseinspired and #GirlGetOutside to be entered to win some awesome prizes! See you in the outdoors!
Live in your truth. Share your enthusiasm. Walk your talk. Make today worth remembering 🙌 #GirlGetOutside @noondaycollection (at El Paso Tx)